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This project started on the ruins of a short-excisted band called Europa, which was an offshoot from O.R.D.U.C.. It was founded in 1983 as an answer to disco-music and named after the Stranglers song. This project wanted to make danceable music, which tells people that things have to change. In six years they recorded more than ten tracks. Five of them where released on various samplers.

The members were
Dirk Desaever (Synthesizers and Samplers)
Andries D. Eker (Synthesizers)
Myra van der Jagt (Vocal)
Hans Paus (Guitar and Synthesizer)
Nico Selen (under the pseudonym Mishoe Faincare) (Rhythms, Synthesizers and Vocals)
Michel Timmerman (Guitar)
Leon Venderbosch (Guitar).

The Bearcage has been in-active since 1989. Perhaps this project will be active again in the future.

Released works
From 1985 til 1987 five tracks were released on three compilation albums. A year later a mini-album (on cassette) was released in a very limited edition. On it are the previously released five tracks and five unreleased tracks.

"Words" 3:00 on the compilation-album "Contactdisc 4", released on vinyl LP January 1986 by Stichting Stopcontact, CD 10 / Audio Art Records, 85.2505.

"Friends" 2:00 and "Timerider" 2:44 on the Red Side from the compilation album "Friends" released on vinyl LP in 1986 by Stichting Muziek Nieuws, on the elpee label, NB 33.
This compilation was divided in a Red Side for pop orientated music and a Blue Side for experimental music. There is no A nor B side!

"Lowlands" 2:32 (original not released as the Bearcage but as A.D. Eker & M. Faincare) on the Blue Side from the compilation album "Friends" released on vinyl LP in 1986 by Stichting Muziek Nieuws, on the elpee label, NB 33.
"First Sound" 1:24 on the compilation-album "E-Lok 1111" released on vinyl LP in 1988 by Stichting Muziek Nieuws, on the Pop Eye label, SMN 703.
This compilation LP is also divided in two parts;
One side is called "E-Lok 1111" (SMN-703-ELE) and contains pop and rock music. The other side is called "Transistors & Chips" (SMN-703-TAC) and contains experimental and electronical music. There is no A nor B side!
"First Sounds" was a complete album containing almost all recorded tracks was released by Motok in a limited edition on cassette by Motok, MTK-7107. It contained the five previous on compilations released tracks and another five, amoung wich "The Sea". This one is a from the Dutch language translated 'cover' from "De Zee", by O.R.D.U.C..
The track-list is:

Side A:
1. "
First Sound" (1987) 1:24
2. "
Edwins Joy" (1985) 2:15
3. "
The Sea" (1988) 3:17
4. "
Lives" (1987) 3:35
5. "
The Fifth" (1984) 0:36

Side B:
6. "
Words" (1985) 3:00
7. "
UNI" (1984) 0:22
8. "
Lowland" (1986) 2:32
9. "
Friends" (1986) 2:00
10. "
Timerider" (1986) 2:44.
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