Various Artists: “EU12”

Front side from the sleeve from the compilation LP "EU12"

Album (48:45), 2012-12-31
LP Album, Motok, MTK 021-A11, Limited Edition: 3 test pressings.

Previous to the main pressing, 3 test pressing copies were made. They are pressed on black vinyl, white hand stamped labels. Their quality is lesser than those from the main release.

Side A
1. Winnie & Speeezzzbeeezzz: "Fucking Free!" 3:47
2. Electric Bongo: "Viscount Beats" (Remix) 3:00
3. O.R.D.U.C.: "Help" (EU12 Mix) 2:26
4. Kompleta: "Dancing Piano" (Pre-Master) 3:32
5. E.M.M.: "Fall Knights" 2:43
6. NoNotes: "DOM" (EU12 Mix) 2:34
7. Peer Saer: "June 21 2012" (Remix) 2:56
8. O.R.D.U.C.: "Decadent" (EU12 Mix) 3:07

Side B
9. Winnie & Speeezzzbeeezzz: "Relax" 5:00
10. Martin Hoogeboom: "A Thousand Years" (Act 3) (Remix) 2:56
11. E.M.M.: "Pearl" (EU12 Mix) 2:20
12. O.R.D.U.C.: "Do" (Single Version - EU12 Dub) 2:12
13. NoNotes: "H2O" (Aqua) (EU12 Mix) 3:26
14. Ooy + Ilo "Atlas" (EU12 Mix) 3:00
15. Electric Bongo: "4xx Song" 3:42
16. Nico + Onno: "Onno" 2:04

This 2012 edition of Elektrik Underground - EU12 - is the first one pressed in vinyl. Also new is our presentation of music from a lot more artists than on EU11.
We are very proud to offer you two tracks from a duo that was formed just this year: Winnie & Speeezzzbeeezzz. Where the Masters of the Universe transformed themselves into a lost black hole, this duo sparkles bright like a newborn star. They are already working on an album, which will probable be the next million seller from a big record company.
Electric Bongo is another artist with a fresh aproach to music, especially synthesizer music. Listen to his tracks and you are likely to buy his previous albums right away. He also is recording a new album.
When Brian Eno will hear the track from Martin Hoogeboom, he surely would like to record an album with him. But first there will be new works from him.
When Peer Saer released his first album a few years ago, his guitar was the centre of that. Another album and a lot of tracks beyond that one, he transformed his music to experimental and electronic.
Some ten years ago a lot of people missed Kompleta's album Ministar. It is our hounour to present a track from that album.
Listen to a track from the magnificent electronic album by Ooy + Ilo.
Since 1981 O.R.D.U.C. has released many albums. Here are tracks from three albums which are still available.
Music without the use of notes, one can find on two tracks from the still available albums by NoNotes.
Pure electronic minimal music can be heard on the tracks of E.M.M. Their two albums are highly recommended.
The last track on this album by the duo Nico + Onno is a preview from an mini album to come.

Back side from the sleeve from the compilation LP "EU12"
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