O.R.D.U.C.: “Fast Forward”

The front from the sleeve from the cassette album "Fast Forward" by O.R.D.U.C..

Cassette Album (41:42, C42), 2022-05-23
New Bulwark, NBW 003, Motok, MTK 003, Limited Edition: 25 copies.

Side A
1. Backstar (Intro) 1:39
2. Speedy 2:53
3. Various Movements (Interview) 6:50
4. Transistorchild 3:42
5. Backstar (Extro) 1:37
6. Backstar (Sun-side) 4:11

Side B
7. Backstar (Complete Guitar Version) 10:04
8. Backstar (Moon-side) 8:23
9. Comettail 2:23

This album contains only the music from the "Special Sampler Cassette Fast Forward" (1981, New Bulwark Records & Tapes, 201-8116), without the spoken info.

Typesetting error
On the sleeve is the wrong Motok catalog number printed; MTK 032. This should be: MTK 003.

Video clips
Speedy video clip on YouTubeTransistor Child video clip on YouTube

Fast Forward Data
All tracks performed by O.R.D.U.C. using: Korg KR-55, Ibanez ST-50, Korg MS-10, Bontempi MemoPlay 26

Backstar (all Guitar Versions)
[tracks 1, 5 and 7]
Recorded 1981-08-30,
used instruments: KR-55, ST-50, MS-10.

Recorded 1981-08-15,
used instruments: KR-55, ST-50, MS-10.

Various Movements (Interview)
Recorded 1981-08-09,
used instruments: MS-10.

Recorded 1981-08-09+15,
used instruments: KR-55, MS-10.

Backstar (Sun- and Moon-side)
Recorded 1981-09-03,
used instruments: KR-55, MS-10, MP-26.

Mixed from elements of Various Movements (Interview) and Backstar (Moon-side), on 2021-12-27/28, within the limitations of 1981 equipment.

All tracks written, arranged, engineered, mixed and produced by Nico J.J. Selen. Recorded at the New Bulwark Studio.
Remastered at Echo X by
Nico J.J. Selen, 2022-02-04.

(p) & (c) 1981 and 2022
New Bulwark Records & Tapes.

Sleeve design by Kubi Pix.
The full sleeve from the cassette album "Fast Forward" by O.R.D.U.C..

History of the (Special Sampler Cassette) Fast Forward
In the spring of 1981 O.R.D.U.C. contacted the Australian cassette-magazine Fast Forward. It was agreed that they would release a track from O.R.D.U.C. on one of their next magazines. So O.R.D.U.C. went to record not only that track but also some info-tracks and a second track as well, which formed a kind of sound article, consisting of the next tracks:

1. Intro [1:39]: An introduction to the whole sound-article. It contains general information about the history of O.R.D.U.C. until 1981. The music which runs in the background is the begin from "Backstar" (Guitar Version).

2. Speedy [2:55]: Almost every article has one or two picture’s. This track is a picture in sound, with a lot of guitars. It was released on Fast Foreward 008/009, the “Annual Report”.

3. Interview [5:37]: In the course of 1981 O.R.D.U.C. received a lot questions from several magazines. The most important ones, with the answers to them were recorded as a kind of live interview. The music which runs in the background is "Various Movements"

4. Transistorchild [3:43]: Another musical picture, this one is inspired through a magazine from England, by the same name.

5. Extro [1:37]: The conclusion of this sound article, and the former contact-address from O.R.D.U.C. The music which runs in the background is the end from "Backstar" (Guitar Version).

These five tracks were sent Down Under.
Since this was a nice way to promote O.R.D.U.C., the tracks were copied on cassette with two additional tracks:

6. Backstar (Sun-side) [4:11]: This track and the next are forward/ reverse/speed-experiments. The Sun-side is the faster edition.

7. Backstar (Moon-side) [8:23]: This Moon-side edition is the slower, ambient version. It brings you to the stars behind the moon.

Thus the (Special Sampler Cassette) "Fast Forward" was created. It was released in an edition of five copies as a one-sided cassette and send to some music magazines.
MC (28:05), 1981-09, New Bulwark Records & Tapes, 201-8116

1981-12: The track "Speedy" was released on Fast Foreward 008/009, the “Annual Report”.

1982-05: A special remix from the track "Backstar" (Sun-side) was released in 1982 and under the name Enif Omnivorius on the sampler “Colonial Vipers” by Trumpet Tapes.

1984: The tracks "Transistorchild" (Remix) "Backstar" (Guitar-version) were released on O.R.D.U.C.'s first compilation cassette "The Beatear".

2010-11-13: The tracks "Speedy" "Backstar" (Iron Edit) were released on O.R.D.U.C.'s compilation EP "Iron Jubilee"

2014-02-18: The track "Transistor Child" in a edited version was released as a video clip on YouTube.

2014-12-16: The tracks "Transistor Child" (Edit) and "Various Movements" (Part 2) were commissioned early 2014 by New Bulwark, to two cutters, each for an limited edition of ten copies. One for ten flexi's, the other for ten vinyls. The flexi-cutter rejected his work and did cut ten lexans. The other cutter did not do his work. So on December the 16th New Bulwark decided not to release this single. All copies were given to O.R.D.U.C.
O.R.D.U.C. has given these ten singles for free to some selected friends.

2020-12-10: The track "Speedy" was released as a video clip on YouTube.

2022-05-23: Over the years there were several request for a re-release from "Fast Forward". Since the spoken info on the tracks 1., 3., and 5., had become obsolete, this full re-release is instrumental. Also the complete guitar version from "Backstar" is added. For there was time left on side B, a special mix was made titled Comettail. It is a mix from elements of "Various Movements" and "Backstar" (Moon-side).
The inner sleeve side from the cassette Album "Fast Forward" by O.R.D.U.C..
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