O.R.D.U.C.: “Ruby Jubilee”

Album (38:14), 2011-09-13
on LP black vinyl: Motok, MTK 017-A11-TP.
Album (38:14), 2011-10-13
on LP transparant red vinyl: Motok, MTK 017-A11 and New Bulwark, NBW 011-A11.

A1. "Discolight" (Ruby Mix) 2:16
A2. "Crazy Computer" (EP Version) 3:00
A3. "Nine Lives" (Ruby Edit) 4:56
A4. "Duval" 4:34
A5. "Timerider" (Ruby Mix) 3:30
A6. "Faces" 1:03

B7. "Names" 1:02
B8. "Dream-Train" (Motop Edit) 3:22
B9. "Alteration" 2:55
B10. "Bonus-Track" (Ruby Edit) 3:33
B11. "Deca-Dance" (Ruby Mix) 3:25
B12. "Do" (Single Version) 2:12
B13. "Help" 2:26

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Nico J.J. Selen
Co-produced by: Cor Mestebeld, Andries D. Eker, Hans Paus
Engineers: Cor Mestebeld, Hans Paus, Peer Saer, Nico Selen

Personnel on this compilation
Andries D. Eker: Guitar, Cor Mestebeld: Synthesizer, Hans Paus: Synthesizer,
Peer Saer: Guitar, Edwin Selen: Horn, Martin Selen: Drums, Nico Selen: Drums, Drumcomputer, Sequencer, Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Vocal, Percussion
Ruby-photo: Lars Smook

This compilation is released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of O.R.D.U.C.
(One-o-seventh Royal Dutch Underground Company). It is compiled with selections from most of their releases (so far). The original body of work includes seven albums, four EP’s, two singles, tracks on thirteen compilations. The 13 tracks on this album give you an overview what happened next to “Pink & Purple” and “107”. It is a collection of tracks wich mostly come from obscure cassette releases in small editions, compilations which all have become collectors items or other hard to find records. Some have not been released before. All in all a good overview of O.R.D.U.C.’s works from the last 40 years.

This album is dedicated to
Michael Selin, Annie Sombekke, Jósef  Bezeg, Elzbieta  Lisowska.

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