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This official site from Motok, an independent record company which provides you with electronic, minimal, experimental music.

Motok was founded 1987-11-11. It was the follow-up from Sun Sound Systems, (1986-04-12 / 1987-11-10) wich was the follow-up from New Bulwark Records & Tapes, (1977-01-01 / 1986-04-11). The previous two were primairy a vehicle for O.R.D.U.C. and its offspring - collaborations included.
Motok has the first 20 years been more a production organisation than a label.
The last few years the accent has shifted to that of a record company.

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New Bulwark
records & tapes
On April the 13th 2008, Motok has decided to revive New Bulwark records & tapes. In the first place to give more info about past releases, so far. But also to make these recordings once again available

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