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This official site from Motok, an independent record company which provides you with electronic, minimal, experimental music.


"EU13" released
In the series Elektrik Underground the 2013 edition of the various artists compilation CD: EU13 was released on December 31st, 2013.
On it some of the finest Elektrik Underground, recorded (or remixed) in 2013 and compiled in 4 parts. Most tracks are only available on EU13. Motok, MTK 027, Limited Edition: 200 copies.

"Bits & Pieces" released
A collaboration between Ilo and Freiband resulted in the release of the album "Bits & Pieces" on October the 11th 2013. This CD is also a joint release from Korm Plastics (KP 3058) and Motok (MTK 026-2) in a limited Edition of 200 copies.

"EU12" on blue vinyl released
This great LP is since September 13th 2013 also available pressed in blue white marbled vinyl, in an edition of 98 copies, by Motok,
MTK 021-A11.

"This is Electronic Minimal Synthesizer" released
A new compilation CD, was released 8th of April 2013. On it are tracks from Electric Bongo, O.R.D.U.C., Commando Cauldron, LGM45, E.M.M., Ooy + Ilo, Aldomir Zimmerman, NoNotes, Frank Dirkx, Jan Paul Westgeest, Kompleta, De Fabriek, MaSe, Nico + Onno.

Last updated: 2014-10-23