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This is the official site from the Culturele Vereniging Motok, a cultural association, which provides you with electronic, minimal, experimental music.


"Uranium" released

The four track cassette EP (C12) "Uranium" by O.R.D.U.C. was released on the 5th of March, 2021, in an edition of 12 numbered copies.
On it are the next tracks:
"Uranium" (Single Version), "Espionage" (Blend-in Mix), "Auto" (Single Edit) and "EU" (Edit).
On the same day the official video clip for "Uranium" also was published on YouTube.

Motok Reformed

Motok has been a private company since its foundation in 1987. To ensure its continued existence in the future, it was transformed into a "Cultural Association" ("Culturele Vereniging" in Dutch) on June 25, 2016. Motok therefore no longer is dependent on its owner.
The full name has changed into Culturele Vereniging Motok or C.V. Motok. The shortened name will maintain as it was: Motok.

"EU13" released
In the series Elektrik Underground the 2013 edition of the various artists compilation CD: EU13 was released on December 31st, 2013.
On it some of the finest Elektrik Underground, recorded (or remixed) in 2013 and compiled in 4 parts. Most tracks are only available on EU13. Motok, MTK 027, Limited Edition: 200 copies.

"Bits & Pieces" released
A collaboration between Ilo and Freiband resulted in the release of the album "Bits & Pieces" on October the 11th 2013. This CD is also a joint release from Korm Plastics (KP 3058) and Motok (MTK 026-2) in a limited Edition of 200 copies.

Last updated: 2021-03-05